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Hiii😊 My name is Karla with a K!

Welcome to Content by K, the space that I get to share my thoughts, ideas and creations!

I love discussing, I’m passionate about my work, I love to be inspired and I love inspiring.


Through the years, I've had the ability to guide, educate, collaborate, and share knowledge throughout my community. The thought of expanding my audience and meeting new people excites me! For this reason I created CONTENT BY K !


I envisioned a place where I could share my experiences of daily pursuits and hopefully create a takeaway for the reader. Some of the topics that I will share my experience on are; home cooking, smoothies, essential oils, curriculum & instruction, organization, arts & crafts, music and whatever comes along the way because you know, life happens!


I like capturing the moment to then tell the story.

Join me in my journey as I continue to learn and embrace every situation!

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